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For greater security, DAMAMAX seeks more advanced foundation for its surveillance system

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Since its founding in 2008, DAMAMAX has been harnessing the world’s most advanced technologies to provide businesses with accessible and cost-effective connectivity, hosting and network security solutions that enhance and safeguard their operations.In addition to delivering backbone services to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), DAMAMAX is the partner of choice for international, public and private sector institutions representing a wide array of industries ranging from the banking, hospitality, IT, media, broadcast and advertising sectors, among many others.

DAMAMAX continuously pioneers the introduction of services that cater to business needs based on evolving market directions. Upon its inception, DAMAMAX became Jordan’s second operator to own and operate an international gateway.Through its strategic alliances with international partners, DAMAMAX’s network today covers more than 1,000 cities in over 100 countries worldwide, ensuring greater global connectivity for its customers.


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As a world-class provider of secure hosting solutions, DAMAMAX was keen to upgrade its surveillance system with a simple but integrated video surveillance and access control solution that could monitor its data center's operations and employee activities.Taking a closer look at the project element -designed by MAS (Mutakamila Automation Solutions), ZAVIO’s distributor in Jordan -the high performance and flexible ZAVIO IP cameras offered advanced capabilities to achieve DAMAMAX'ssecurity mission.

All IP cameras cover the company both indoor and outdoor,and  are managed by ZAVIO's free 16-ch bundled NVR software. The administrator can check the live view with predefined layouts.If necessary, he can also check the recording with instant digital zoom-in/out, both under live view and while recording. If anabnormal alarm is set off, the administrator can then identify the degree of emergency and take the necessary action to secure quick feedback.


Main Functions and Applications
-ZAVIO D5110 for indoor scenario, 3-axis for different monitoring angles, with 15meffective range and IR function for day/night security.
-ZAVIO D611Econfigured for indoor surveillance.
-ZAVIO F731E meet outdoor surveillance requestin harsh environment condition, with day/night security.
-Working with ZAVIO free-bundled CamGraba NVR software, the administrator can control video live viewing, recording and playback easily without any extra cost.
- Using a free app called ZAVIO CamGraba Mobile Client (supported on iPhone and Android), the owner can carry out remote video monitoring on smart phones directly.


-ZAVIO's IP cameras are compatible with DAMAMAX'sexisting PoE switches, thus allowing their installation at no extra cost.
-All these cameras haveexcellent performance and provide high quality images.
-When an event is triggered, the owner can monitor footage remotely and easily. Moreover, the owner can set up different reactions for varying situations, such as triggering the alarm, sendingan email notice, opening an instant pop-up window, etc.



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