Customer Case Reference

Taiwan Kanpai corporation deploy ZAVIO Cameras to reach the outstanding service quality


Since Kanpai's first restaurant opening in 1999, Kanpai has become Taiwan's Best-known Japanese style BBQ chain. Until now, 15 stores located all over Taiwan and total staff about 600.
Kanpai in Chinese pronunciation means [Cheers]- the business philosophy is "drink a toast and enjoy the delicious meal". The most important aspect of Kanpai is to meet your taste. In the future, Kanpai also planned to expand business area to abroad to popularize [Cheers] food culture. For improvement service quality, Kanpai need a simple but integrated security solution to make sure the staff's activities and collect quest's feedback. The mission is:
- New surveillance system can monitor employee and guest's activities for collecting data.
- Video systems should provide remote access and live view through iOS/Android devices.
- System architecture can be expandability, in order to integrate electronic invoices for other branch stores.
- Centralization management, allow manager to remote live view and backup all branch store's activities.
- If the video image lost by accident, can send messages to the relevant manager.

According to above, CIEAN PO INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO.,LTD, ZAVIO's distributor in Taiwan, uses NUUO CMS and ZAVIO compact/bullet cameras as his first choice to meet Kanpai mission.


Surveillance system for Kanpai includes:Kanpai
- 15 units of ZAVIO F3110 compact IP cameras.
- 15 units of ZAVIO F531E Bullet IP cameras.
- 6 units NUUO NE-4080 NVR.


Main Functions and Applications
- ZAVIO F3110 compact IP cameras are set up on the top of checkout area. With the two-way function, POS system can completely control the detail during transaction.
- ZAVIO F531E Bullet IP cameras are set up on the entrance and indoor area.
- Working with NUUO Standalone NVR and CMS, manager can remote live view indoor activities. If any accident, this system can send the message to notice the manager.


Kanpai can control the detail in food preparation, serving the food in the best way to reach the outstanding service quality.
- ZAVIO F3110, can send live video to the NVR host through the intranet, also can see the data on the POS computer.
- Remote access through iOS/Android devices.
- All branch stores’ NVR can be connected by CMS and support up to 64ch, manager can remote live view on the same time.
- When incidents occur in the restaurant, the manager can retrieve the HD footage instantaneously to response.



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