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ZAVIO IP Cameras Secures I-Mei Food Court at Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan

Food Republic

I-Mei Food Court, located on the first and second floors at Taoyuan airport in Taiwan, has successfully installed a new IP surveillance system with the implementation of ZAVIO IP cameras and NUUO NVRmini to help increased security and theft prevention.


The IP surveillance system for I-Mei food court included 24 units of ZAVIO F210A VGA compact cameras and 1 set of NUUO NAS mini supported POS system.


Main Functions and Applications
- ZAVIO F210A video cameras are set up on the top of checkout area.
- Some ZAVIO F210A video cameras are also configured for indoor surveillance.
- Working with NUUO NAS mini, users not only can remotely monitor checkout area but also can fast search POS transaction data with related videos if meets dispute.


- Obtain high resolution video quality
- Managers can monitor remotely and easily to access
- Retail owner can fast search video records according to the POS transaction if meets dispute
- Allow system backup remotely
- Stable video performance without interference problem




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